The Conception of AIPM

Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine (AIPM) was primarily borne out of concern that most resident doctors in the country did not attach adequate importance to research and publications during their training as residents. The correct observation that most residents could care less about academic publications and research efforts outside their Part II dissertation provoked a desire in 1999 to create a medium that would arouse this publication consciousness and allow for dissemination of scientific findings and information. The ultimate objective was to create an opportunity for resident doctors to be groomed in the art of scientific writing and publications, a task that would continually be required of them after their specialist training, especially if they practice in academic


This enviable challenge became a burden, and it was the lot of this writer to birth and coordinate efforts to nurture the journal for the first few years of its existence.

The Structure of AIPM

From inception, the Editorial Board was the primary body saddled with the responsibility of producing two editions of AIPM every year. In addition, three categories of advisers were instituted for periodic consultation on ways to produce and sustain a standard journal. These were: Editorial Consultant, Foreign Editorial Advisers and Board of (local) Advisers. The structure of the team that midwifed the first Edition of the journal in 2003 is reflected below:

Publish with AIPMED

Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine is a peer-reviewed international medical journal published bi-annually by the Association of Resident Doctors, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. It is normally published in the months of  June and December.

Our office is located at: ARD Office, C1 3rd floor, UCH, Ibadan, Nigeria.

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Our Mission

The mission of the AIPM Board is to regularly produce at least two issues per year of a peer-reviewed medical journal of international standard, featuring high quality, informative, educative and current medical and medical-related topics and issues.

Our Values

The vision of AIPM is to be a leading national and, ultimately international medical resource material of high impact factor that is well known and accessed by medical practitioners inside and outside the country.

It is with pleasure one notes that this foundation has been, and is being built upon with astonishing success. Generations after generations of Editorial Board must keep adding to this edifice until it soars to the admiration of the medical community all over the world.

Thank you and God bless.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

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